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Hey, my name is Nick and I want to build a freshwater well in Uganda, Africa!

I’m going to cycle from Germany to India.
I’m trying to use my journey to create attention on the water crises on our Planet. My goal is to raise a donation of 1,- per kilometre cycled. In case I raise the required ammount of funds, I’m going to Uganda to build a freshwater-well!
Why Africa?
Because I lived and worked there in 2018.
Why India?
Because I’ve always wanted to go there and see it.
Why by bicycle?
Going by bike is probably the eco-friendliest and most respectful way of traveling.
Until I reach India I have to cover a distance of roughly 10.470km.
If I accomplish all required funds to build a well, I will continue cycling to build a latrine.

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Obtaining water is something we take for granted.
The access to drinkable water has never been and probably never will be a problem for us. We can get it almost in any location. All of this within seconds and without giving much effort.

Imagine, we live in a world where we’re flushing our toilets with drinkable water.

Ria Ockenga

a well build by Mathis and Global H2O in 2017

For some people in the world this reality is very different.
I want to ensure that more people have the same access to water like us.

Why water?
Water is the key of life!
Everyone needs it!
And most important – it is a human right!

Access to water and sanitation are recognized by the United Nations as human rights, reflecting the fundamental nature of these basics in every person’s life.

Most children in Africa have to cover a long way from their home to school. Sometimes they have to walk up to 20+ kilometres every day. In case of having accsess to drinkable-water, they have to carry it all the way to school. Some of these kids are alreday to sick, leaving home for classes. Which means that they’re missing out important education. During lessons most of them are struggling with dehydration because of the heat and the small amount of water they can carry. Most schools don’t have accsess to water which means that there is no chance to drink water until the end of the school-day.

“With children particularly at risk from water-related diseases, access to improved sources of water can result in better health and therefore better school attendance, with longer-term consequences for their lives.”

I think we should help these kids to enable them to attend every single day of school. This will help them to build a better foundation for a better life.
And don’t forget – education is a human right too!

Farmers need water so they’re able to provide their community with important raw materials. They usually “own” animals which are crucial in the everyday life to sustain local livelihoods. However, the animals need additional drinking water!

Also Hospitals need clean water for important medical interventions.

“Some 842 000 people are estimated to die each year from diarrhoea as a result of unsafe drinking-water, sanitation and hand hygiene. But diarrhoea is largely preventable, and the deaths of 361 000 children aged under 5 each year could be avoided each year if these risk factors were addressed.”

A single well can have a huge impact on the lives of approximate 2000 people and animals.
And the best thing is: Wells sustain! They can provide water for many generations!

And together we can give hundreds of people and animals access to clean and drinkable water!

So what do I need?

The total cost of building a well is 7.500 Euros.

building a well incluedes;
actual building costs, concrete, fuel for drilling, transport and payment

If we raise the required ammount of funds, I’m gonna return to Germany to plan my trip to Uganda.
Important note byside; I won’t go to Africa on my bycicle

GULU, UGANDA. That’s were the well is going to be located

If we don’t get the required amount of donations together, there won’t be a well. Money you donated, will be transfered back to you!

Let’s turn our possibilities into running water and see how many well’s and futures we can build!

– W A T E R – I S – L I F E –

Let’s be a part of the solution and not of the problems politics and kapitalism is creating in the world!

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