Global H2O

“Global H2O was created in July 2009 by James Wilde in order to address the growing water crisis in developing rural areas. While pursuing his goal of climbing the world’s seven summits, he travelled to remote regions and witnessed the effects of contaminated water on people’s lives.”

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Why did I choose Global H2O?

While I was looking for Non-Profit-Organisations I can collect for I found Mathis is currently in South America turning cilometres into money for water projects in Cameroon, Africa. He is cycling for Global H2O too and has alreday done a lot of work together with them over the past years. I’ve got in touch with him and after some texting I made the decission to do the same.

Most important for me is to actually see and be a part of the change. In case we get the total goal of 10.000 euros together I’m gonna go to Africa to help build up that well.

And I guess that’s good to know for everybody who wants to help out. You’ll definitely get to see that I turn your donations into running water!