Hey, my name is Nick!

I’m 22 years old and originally from Wangerooge, Germany. After leaving home in the age of sixteen I started my apprenticeship to become a professional educator in a town called Oldenburg. That’s were I still got my base and will start my tour from.

While doing my apprenticeship I’ve already traveled a fair bit within European boarders. Next to the school I’ve been volunteering for a marine conservation society fighting against the exploitation of our oceans.

After graduating my apprenticeship in 2017 I was working in my job for a few months until I moved on a ship to work full-time as volunteer to help fighting against the illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing at the West-Coast of Africa. This was by far the most unique time in my life!
The first time out of Europe, meeting all those different and very special people and working for our Planet – a unique experience and a passion I’ll countinue to life at some point of my life again!

After working on the ship I was traveling through the East and South of Africa for a bit. To see all these wild Animals, Landscapes and People was giving me a lot of positive feelings. I think it’s always good to see both sides of it. These Animals I’ve seen are endangered. The most beauiful Landscapes are full of plastic-trash and Communitys I’ve visited had no access to water!

I’ve seen a few things while I was working and visiting places at the West-Coast of Africa. But to see and actually deal with conditions some Communitys have to deal with every single day seems to me, with my first-world-eyes, like a daily struggle.

After coming back to Germany I felt overwhelmed with everything. All I did seemed to be sensless in a way. The flight was quick and I was back in my old life. Leaving is easy but coming back is always difficult I guess. So I thought about a way how I could help at least a few of these people. And here we go. Let’s build a freshwater-well in Africa!

I truly believe that we can make it!

“I am one of many who work on all kinds of water initiatives. We are not going to change the world, but we can give support so people have a chance to change their lives to whatever they want it to be. When the basic needs are fulfilled, people can grow and blossom.”


me getting a lesson in football. Gabon, Africa.

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