how to support

First of all I want to say THANK YOU to everybody who is reading through my page and like what I’m doing!
Without your support I can’t make it.

I decided to give you three Options how you could support the project:

First Option
Help to realise the freshwater well!
Spende über BETTERPLACE für den Bau des Brunnens und erhalte einen Spendenbescheinigung!

Solltest du keine Spendenbescheinigung benötige, kannst du unteranderem via PayPal Spenden. Jeden 1. des Monats werde ich die eingetroffenen Spenden auf das Betterplace-Konto transferieren.

Second Option
To make sure we get the well build up as quick as possible you can chip in for my visa and flight to Africa.

Third Option
I do not have people giving me money for the time on the road. My whole Journey is self organised and independent. I have a limit of 5 euros a day. Most of the time I planning to stay in my tent. In bigger Citys I use “Warmshowers” or “Couchsurfing”. If you like the idea behind it feel free to chip in for my daily porridge/noodle diat or bike repairs.

– T H A N K – Y O U –
to everybody who is sharing or even donating to the mission!