cycling tour

Beside of the idea to build a freshwater well in Africa, I’m in love with traveling! I’ve alreday seen a few nice places but there is more to see on this planet. There is so much too see you can’t see while sitting in a plane. What I do hate about going traveling is the fact, that there are no eco-friendly options of transportation. Also, I felt a little overwhelmed after coming back from Africa to Germany in 2018. It’s just crazy that we’re able to be on the other side of the world within 24 hours. There has to be so much inbetween these 24 hours of sitting in a plane. I don’t know how fast I’m gonna be and it’s actually not the idea behind traveling by bycicle.

But still, people in Uganda need Water! So if I reach the goal of 7.500 euros, I will definetly consider heading back to realise the well.

If you know somebody in a country listed underneath, let me know. I’m happy to catch up for a meal or a chat!

Most of the time I will sleep in my tent. In bigger city’s I try to use „warmshowers“ or „couchsurfing“.

Feel free to get in touch with me via social media or via mail:

I’ll come back to you as soon as I can!

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